Daniela TRIFAN 1 , Marcel BULARDA 1,2

1 Agricultural Research and Development Station of Braila, Km. 9 Vizirului Rood, 810008,
Braila County, Romania
2 ”Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Engineering and Agriculture Faculty of Braila,
29 Calarasilor Str., 810017, Braila County, Romania

Corresponding author email: dtrifan2015@gmail.com


Foliar microbiological fertilizer Algafix is represented by a mixture of living green algae species
Scenedesmus obtisausculus who are able to assimilate different hormones and antioxidants that are
transmitted through the leaves of the plant, stimulating growth and resistance to biotic and abiotic stress,
and having an important influence for increased production. This paper presents an experience of
establishing optimal Algafix dosage of winter rape and spring barley, with four graduations or doses of 1.5
l/ha, 2 l/ha, 2.5 l/ha and 3 l/ha, which were compared with the control – untreated variant. We watched both
morphological and physiological differences on the characteristics of plants in the experimental variants,
and production quality indexes obtained, and the correlations established between doses of biofertilizers and
measured parameters. In the same time, we studied how the doses of biofertilizers influence the water and
mineral elements root absorption by plants grown in the two species, as well as economic efficiency
calculation. Compared with untreated control, all variants have obtained positive differences, most
production being registered variant V4 (dose of 2.5 l/ha), both in winter rape and spring barley cultures.

Key words: microbiological fertilizers, spring barley, rape.


Currently, put increasing emphasis on the transition to a sustainable organic agriculture, especially when the products are used directly in human nutrition. On the other hand, it is very important to avoid environmental pollution, to use less fertilizers and gradually to proceed with both biological products for crop fertilization and for phytosanitarytreats (Leopa, 2013). Also, farmers can easily use the remaining waste for composting farm and obtain organic fertilizer, using various design patterns, depending on the size of farms (Trifan, 2013; Anghelache, 2012). Rape culture is autumn consuming nutrients, increase production is directly proportional to the applied fertilizers. Due to the short period of vegetation, spring barley is not pretentious for fertilization using the residual effect of previous crop, apply fertilizers. To see how to behave crop to biological fertilizer treatments compared with chemical fertilization was achieved with various doses of biofertilizers experience. Algafix is a foliar fertilizer microbiological green alga of the genus Scenedesmus  living in water suspension obtained by photofermentation technology, macro and trace elements, plant hormones culture removed from algae. Fractional application of chemical fertilizers provide plant supply throughout the growing season, enabling increased production of grains and based by algae fertilizer application, ensure soil nutrient absorption increase in the critical stages of plant nutrition (Trifan, 2014).

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