AlgaFix foliar fertilizer

When one approaches nature not in an uncontrolled and irresponsible manner, but wisely, intended to learn, protect and enhance, nature can gratefully reward him. So was rewarded Dr. József Kutasi, who has a long-time passion for algae research. He has identified an algal species in Lake Balaton, which produces bioactive substances that strongly promote the development of plants and provide partial protection against certain pathogens.

This algal species – belonging to the order Chlorococcales – is called Scenedesmus obtisausculus. Around 1000 species belong to this order, some of them inhabit the soil, but the majority of them are found in natural waters.

algafix - Dr. Kutasi József

This algal species – which has since been patent deposited in the European Strain Collection of Algae – can be effectively grown in special photobioreactors to produce a foliar fertilizer. Photobioreactors create optimal growing conditions for algae and can provide growth promoting nutrients also. The system, in its complexity, is similar to the fermentors used in the production of soil-bacterial concentrates, the main difference is that in the case of photobioreactors, light is also required. which is provided by a special lighting equipment.

Algafix - Similis simili gaudet

„Similis simili gaudet” – like takes pleasure in like, as says the Latin phrase. Nature also rejoices in like: natural. A thousand examples show that – as a source of nitrogen – plants prefer decomposed soil bacteria to artificial fertilizers. As field studies have proven, plants prefer the Algafix foliar fertilizer (from the alga Scenedesmus) to chemical compounds. Results showed that Algafix has induced a more rapid growth and development and enhanced crop yield in treated plants than any other commercially available algal product.

How does Algafix work?

Besides algae, AlgaFix contains several macro- microelements, added to the algal cultures during production as required nutrients. Amongst microelements, iron is required in the highest amount, thus AlgaFix provides an excellent iron supply for treated plants.

Algae produce plant hormones, which are either excreted and absorbed by plants through the foliar surface, or released – and utilized by plants –  from the decomposing algal cell. Besides hormone-like substances, many proteins and fatty acids interact in the plant growth promoting mechanism of Algafix.

Albitech Ltd., developer and manufacturer of the AlgaFix products, is continously studying the effects of Algafix on seedlings (see picture). It has been proven that Algafix accelerates growth and development of plants from the seedling phase to the end of the intense growth period.

The link above points to an earlier publication on the detailed effects of Algafix in field studies.


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